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Pinkish Purple with Sparkle

I went in wanting lavender but saw this cross between pink and light purple.

Gliterry Glamorous Brown #

This color was inspired by my gliterry sequin wrist bag. This color is so beautiful. I definitely want to get it again!  Cindy the nail tech puta silver and gold design on this whixh worked so well with everything.

#19 dark pink turns dark red

This was a beautiful color …but it changed color in a way I didnt like.within two days it had gone from really deep pink to redish maroon. Even my nail technician was surprised at how different the color looked when placed next to the color swatch on the artificial nail at the salon.

Lovely Lavender #

Perfect bright pink #373

Pale Pink Magic Glitter! #129

Nail! Purple #49 with Gold Tips #104


Nails! – Golden beautiful!

Nails! Iridescent Pink to Orange – “Princess Pumpkins!”

#249  – I named it Pumpkin Princess because it has an iridescent quality that ranges between orangish gold to pink sparkly. But in direct light it looks pink and glittery!      

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